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I decided to post this for those that are having the tractor won't start issue.
One morning I went out and turned the tractor key and ..........................silence.

After downloading the shop manual and going through the process, hopefully this will help someone avoid useless expense and time figuring out what might be wrong.

Turn key and no dash lights come on.
Front lights will not work
Rear lights will work.

1. Check battery connection and state.
2. Check power to 60 quick fuse located on lower left side of tractor located on the Bonnet wiring harness near the starter solenoid. It is yellow in color and may be wrapped in tape. If there is power here, check power coming into key assembly. You can disassemble the key mechanism and clean if corroded. The shop manual says how. Try to avoid buying a new key assembly.
3. Down on the lower right side is a round connector that links the dash and Bonnet wiring harnesses. Pull this apart and make sure center pin (or any pin for that matter) has not corroded away. If this is corroded away, as mine was, then you will need to order the wiring harness (which is in 2 parts) and replace.

It took me about 5 hours to change them out and I am not a mechanic by trade. I have been told that it can be done faster with experience.

My CK20 is 10 years old and this is the first time I have had any issues with it. Now that I own the shop manual and have a parts place I can order from online that shows the parts diagrams so I can get the correct part number (the CK20 has several part numbers for the wiring harness. You need your tractor SN, located on the lower left frame plate, to get the correct part number) this repair gave me some experience to face any future electrical issues with confidence.

I live very rural and do not have a Kioti dealership near by so this has been a great practical learning experience for me. I am tempted to get another harness just in case since the CK 20 has not been in production for many years I have been told.

Hope this helps someone out there.
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