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Kids enjoying the tractors

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Hey all,

there has been a lot of discussion lately about sharing the hobby and love of our machines with our little ones.

I wanted to share some images of my 7 year old's enthusiasm about our GT. She is a great listener and takes everything very seriously when it comes to this and other machines.

I would much rather have her out in the yard doing this kind of thing, instead of being parked in front of the TV all the time.

I just thought this deserved its own separate thread.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.
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Its great to start them out early I can't really say any thing because I am still young. I got started with tractors when my dad had an old Power King.
I agree with you--look at her face!!
Yeah, she sure can light up a room, or in this case....the backyard...:thThumbsU
Wait till she gets to tell the kids at school! Ya did good!
Wait till she ask for the keys to the car/truck:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh
Wait till she ask for the keys to the car/truck:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh

Well, hopefully by that time i will have guided her well enough that she can operate machinery up to my standards, and I will be confident she knows how to be an "operator" instead of a "driver".

That's how my Grandpa taught me on his tractor, to work safe and communicate with your groundmen. Always be aware of your surroundings and clearances. I watched every move my parents made when I was in the car with them as a kid. And they were really good about answering questions and quizzing me back.

My Dad was an over the road LTL carrier driver and made his living behind the wheel. He watched me close and kept on me about being "aware".

I am upset that so many young drivers these days have got their heads someplace besides driving. :1106: I hope that I can instill some really good lessons with her long before she has to get out there on her own.

What better way to get started towards that end. What better time than now?
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After giving it some thought, I have removed my images from this post.

No offence but I think it best to not put up anything personal due to the internet being such a vast thing.

Those of you that have responded so far, thanks for the nice comments.
Ahh the internet isn't all bad. I wouldn't go posting my address or phone number or anything though.

Here's a couple pics of my 5 year old daughter throwing a coat of chassis paint on my snow caster a couple weeks ago.

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Snot, that thing looks HUGE next to her. You're probably right, and guys like you who I have become friendly with don't concern me at all.

But you just never know who is out there and I am usually more protective of my little girl than I showed this afternoon.

Plus you never know who you are going to end up getting all mad at you and have them stalk your threads. ( Okay , that last one was an inside joke....)

Nice to see she is on the C/I maintenace program already. She will still be able to use your well preserved equipment years and years from now.
Wait till she ask for the keys to the car/truck:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh
My daughters had been driving garden tractors, go carts ,and snowmobiles for 10 years, when they started driving cars at 16 years old. They had no problem driving a car safely.
definitly a family sport:fing32:


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Here’s my son pushing snow this past winter. He’s already looking forward to the upcoming season.

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Recently, getting some "Grinder" time.
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5 year old Grandson thinks he can drive it! :fing32:
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these guy love it, my grandkids, got to love em.


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