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Kawasaki Oil Cooler to a FR691v

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Kawasaki hasn't added or offered a kit to install a oil cooler on most V twin motors save the FH721's
Running a new machine with a Fr691v last summer i found the oil temp was more than i like, so i did some digging . found a Fh721 factory oil cooler had been installed on a FD some years back, fit and worked,

Taking a $100,00 chance i ordered up factory Kawasaki parts for the 721V , 39067-7008 Cooler-Oil ,59071-0742 Joint ,92055-7006 - RING-O ,49065-0724 oil filter

Trying to install, I found the cooler hit the cast in filter drip diverter for the oil filter, using a Sawzall carefully cut back that flange till the cooler fit flush to the engine, made sure of clearing the dip stick tube, Than removed the factory filter nipple/joint. installed the cooler using the new o-ring and longer joint cooler retainer .
i also removed the fan cover to make sure the plate had the needed holes to send air over the cooler, low and behold it did ,
the stock 49065-0721 filter being larger in diameter will not fit with the cooler as it hits the cooler fins, and will not screw on.

The work took about a hour, end result a near 40 deg drop in oil temp, Adds about a pint of oil to the capacity. looks dead factory .


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remove the plug wires and crank it for about 2 mins in spurts to fill the cooler and new filter. recheck the oil level
I have the FH721D in my Deere 757 with the oil cooler. I was having issues with the oil pressure dropping too low in warmer temps when I returned to idle and added a pressure gauge to see what it was doing. Even the oil cooler wasn’t enough. I finally had to go to thicker oil and it’s just enough. I can’t imagine this engine in Southern climates. However, what I believe is the bigger issue is the design of the machine using a horizontal shaft engine in a zero turn where the intake air is restricted. The air is drawn in from a nearly closed cavity under the seat. No the engine cooling fins aren’t plugged. I had it worked on by the local dealer who replaced several seals & gaskets due to overheating. In the process they flushed all that out. I came to the conclusion that most users never know how close they are running to trouble because the low oil pressure light doesn’t come on.

Here’s the link to my 757 efforts with pressure readings.
What temperatures do you try to stay between?
sorry for the delay, to much about life going ,health and home repair related. like a heart attack and ongoing house residing project

Kawasaki lists 20w50 motor oil for higher air temps which is what i have in it, long running temp I don't have as I used a laser reader to check before and after at the oil filter . a gauge I'm debating installing as i have many laying around from hot rod projects and with Kawasaki having several plugs in the galleys it will be easy .that will also give some idea of cold to hot pressures as hot normally drops a little
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