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Kawasaki junk?

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I have a JD 265 with the 17 HP Kaw. It is knocking. I believe it's the counter weight bearings again. I put new ones in a year ago.

I was told the engine is junk and not worth fixing. I know the guy was being honest kowing I have a 17 HP briggs for it. What do you all think?

My Briggs is a 17HP I/C engine. I bought the clutch for 1" shaft. Everything else seems the same.

Should I rebuild the Kaw again or sell it to the lawnmower junk yard guy?
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I think those 17-Horse Kawasaki's are no longer made....probably better off with a different brand repower.
rattosh51 is correct they don't make that kawasaki any more. Here what the small engine warehouse came up with as a replacement engine Deere&Model=275 :thThumbsU
I guess I will haveto disagree on he 17hp KAW, as I have not had any problems with them. The original was finally burning some oil on sart u--but 16 years of use, even a car engine will do that and a bit of oil get ast the rings you get a poof of oil smoke on start up. Other than that, no serious problems at all. Maybe you just had bad luck is all. BTW, I have had mechanics say the KAW 17 is a VG motor, contrary to what your mechanic said, so go figure.
Kawasaki single cylinder engines are a pretty good engine. I like them better than Briggs & Scrapiron.
Three deeres 262-lx188-gt275 4 Kawasaki engines and also an 16 year old pressure washer with a 5 hp kaw on it . No junks here
The one I lost was not the engine 's fault.I would take them all day.
I just wonder why the guy would want to buy it?
But a rebuilt or another engine is all a matter of personal preference. I still have the engine 8 year later with a broken rod and weight the cost of rebuilt against a used engine, went with a used kawa twin.
Cant complain about the Kawasaki in my John Deere either. I was told these are some of the best lawn tractor engines made.
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