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K532 plug wires

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I am almost done rebuilding my K532 in my HT20. I have to relocate the coil. The previous owner bolted it on to a bar connected to the frame. I want to put it back where it belongs on the motor. Apparently it belongs over the flywheel on a bracket. I have two problems. One is that I cant find any pictures of a model with the coil mounted this way. I need to see how it looks so I can manufacture a bracket. I think the choke and throttle lines run through here also. And second once I put it back to this spot one of the plug wires will not reach. Im not sure if the wires he put on are the correct ones or not. Im assuming not if they dont reach. So what I need to know is does anybody have any pics they can post of this setup, and can I use any plug wires, maybe make some? I couldnt even find the originals online so Im thinking there must be somewhere I can just tell them what ends I need and a length and there will be generic ones. Any ideas?
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I made the plug wire for my K321 from a Car spark plug wire. You can carefully remove the boot, and un-crimp the metal connector, cut the wire to length and re-crimp the connector back on. The plug wire uses a carbon filiment for the conductor, the connector just pearces the carbon filiment.
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