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K46 Rebuild - What kind of sealant?

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Hey all,
I'm going to tackle tearing my K46 apart tonight. I'm going to replace the oil with synthetic 5w50 and if I can find a place for it, I'm going to install a temperature sensor. (I picked up a cheap water temp gauge from Princess Auto that starts at 130F - I wish it went lower but it was cheap)

Anyways, here's my question: What kind of sealant should I use to re-assemble my transaxle with? I see people ordering the stuff in, but I have time to do it today and that's rare so I'd like to get it done. Can I use normal Hi-temp engine stuff used on oil pans etc?
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I don't know either Joe, having repaired my own K46, I had ordered the recommended sealant ahead of time from Tuff Torq along with the parts, maybe one of the guys who have worked on these as well in the past will be along with some advice on what would work otherwise than the TT sealant, good luck in your endeavor and hope the fluid change improves your transaxle performance. If you have'nt already, there is helpful information on this in the JD stickies section :fing32:.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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