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But there's not much you can post about lawn toys at a truck forum - so one night while I was searching for the year and manual for my Craftsman toy I stumbled on this place... It looks real good! Everything is very familiar, and it ought to be a lot of fun.

I notice there is also a garden forum - and I have a heck of a lot of garden going on :ditto:

I've got two lawn trac's right now - the newest was given to me after a rod blew. It's a Scott's, which I'm told is a re-badged John Deere. 17 horse, I managed to polish out the rod journal so it should all come together next month for about a kennedy bill. You can't beat that price for a one year old riding mower!

I think I built my first mower engine when I was eleven, that would have been around 1970. I think most people here know what happens after you buy your first very own tool...

It ends up kinda like this:


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