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Not quite sure I am in the right location still ,lol..

Anyways, I have a friend who is a tinkerer. Works on small engines as well as passenger cars and trucks. Through him I met an older gentleman who was a machinist at the factory where the yazoos were built in MS. He introduced me to his brother, who was one of the engineers for the company. Long story short, and I have no pics, but when I get back that way, I hope to remember to take the camera. The engineer has a rear steer Yazoo rider he is restoring, I helped my tinkerer pal remove the bronze bushings for the steering, got to machine the new ones for him slightly to fit.

THis is supposed to be the first Yazoo riding mower produced. NOT, the first type, but the very first one! It is in great shape, just needs some paint. Has a Curtis right angle gearbox powered by some type of electric gizmo for the 'hydrostatic' drive.

Also, the engineer has a prototype self propelled Yazoo mower, built in '71, behind the garage. looks a little different than the old Big Wheel.

I also got one of his Clinton engines in the stash, brand new, but for some reason, no carb. He had 15 on a pallet...:thThumbsU
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