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Just Plain Tired, But

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The veggies are good. We are in an extreme drought here. My diesel pump is getting a workout again this year. Less the 3 tenths of an inch of rain in 6.5 weeks. We were in a drought before that.

It is so nice to have a real vine ripened tomato in a tossed salad. Fresh green beans and yellow squash are great. The sweet corn seed my wife bought made 3 to 4 foot tall plants but has great tasting corn. My G90 is 8' tall and almost ready to pick. As Blue Bell ice cream advertises, "we eat all we can and sell the rest."
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It's amazing the climate differences! This spring here has been so wet that I have only had my garden in for less than two weeks! My beans are coming up though after being in the ground for less than a week. I jealous though with you already harvesting.

Hope you get some rain though.
My sweet corn is only 18" high at most. Have small green tomatoes, and tiny cucumbers, bell peppers, and cabbage just making heads. Broccoli is just starting heads also. My friend drives semi & told me 2 weeks ago you Texans would be shelling corn by month's end!
WE had frost 2 weeks ago,a lot of my friends lost plants!(yet it hit 90 in April and May twice!)..I haven't even planted my seeds yet!..might be too late??..
Just got 5.25 inches of rain up in N. E. Texas today-- first rain in over a week. Been watching daily drought report- They're going to have to invent a new class of drought since you guys are way past the "extreame" drought mark... Wish I could send you some of this rain...
I picked three plastic grocery sacks of yellow squash today. I talked to my wife in Indiana today. She said I water it too much. If you don't water, it aborts the squash.(city girl) I've sold some, gave some away and have been frying it and freezing it. I like it that way better than blanching it and freezing it. Got the big brown stink bugs in the tomatoes. Will malathion or liquid seven get rid of them?

Today was 97. Tomorrow they are calling for 98 and 99 this weekend. I'm not looking forward to being at the Farmer's Market Sunday.
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Still no rain and none for at least a week more. Temp. has been hanging around 97, 98. This morning they are talking 99 and 100 next week. Problem is that they keep upping it a few days later.
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