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Just picked up a wizard

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I just got a wizard off of Craig’s list to use around my property for snow, spraying, tilling and toting stuff around. It didn’t run when I purchased it and I cleaned up the points and put a carb kit in it and got it running. Changed the oil and air filter. Seams to run good (with a full tank of gas) lubed up the front king pins and greased up the steering gears. do I need to change out the hydraulic oil? Is there anything else I need to do to it To start using it? I haven’t noticed any other zerks on it that are being used. There is one on the pto shaft but I don’t have it hooked up and then I saw there are some for the scissor lift that’s not being used. I’ve built a three point attachment so I can hook up a garden dump trailer and a three point sprayer. Will the electrical system be ok running the pump? Also
looking at building a roto-tiller attachment out of an old roto-hoe front tine tiller that will hook up to the three point. Is this a good reliable tractor or am looking at future disappointment?


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It's a MTD 990 one of the best that MTD every built. Check out the MTD Tractor Forum - Under" Lawn and Garden tractors by brand".
Cool....Looks like my Wizard


Nice find.
A sprayer will work fine with the 990. You may have to charge the battery if the generator does not keep up. The amp meter will show discharge if it is not. Generator output is approx 10 to 12 amps.
If the hydro oil looks clean and clear, it should be good to go. A brownish tint or burnt smell, it needs changing.
Keep oil and grease on all the moving points, as any machine needs. Pull the front wheel bearings apart and see if you can get grease into them. I remove the dust seals to grease.
Your tiller looks like it would be a good one. The 990 tills nice because of the slow speed it can maintain.

The 900 series tractors are the best MTD ever made. The 960/990 are heavy enough to do the work you have indicated and should give a long time of service.
Download the manual if you haven't already. Looks to be a 75 to 79 model.
Not sure what the shaft sticking out is but it looks like it would be painful to the shin. :tango_face_plain:


No idea what that shaft is for. There is stuff missing off this thing and stuff added. Like the lift knob is located out on the fender and forward and reverse is on a pedal. (Behind the muffler in the photo) And there is no break pedal..... I kinda don’t like that!
I’m not sure if my voltage gauge is working. I think it is always in the middle.
I will pull those front wheels off and get some grease in those bearing one way or another.


I would like to see a closeup of that foot pedal for forward/reverse......I would like to convert mine to a foot pedal rather than the hand lever if I could.
Looks like that shin eater is the rod that the foot pedal is hooked up to. It goes all the way through for support I guess. There are grease zerks on my front hubs so I just filled those with grease. Also found a zerk on the front axle pivot.

Where do I download the manual for this from?

Here are some pics of the foot pedal setup. I like the lift control on this best of all. You can adjust it while turning around to look at what going on. Machine Machine tool Metal
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Auto part Bumper Automotive exterior Wheel
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Machine Machine tool Metal
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The parking brake has been removed to make room for the foot control. Stopping the tractor is done by using the foot speed control. The parking brake is mostly used for safety so it does not move when starting the engine. Handy to have when getting off the tractor though.
The manual links in the sticky section are broken. I have some manuals on my MS One Drive you can download. The engine service manual is also there.!Ahj7yiz5K62hgWPySvH2ZQn1GZG8
Thanks for the pics....On my Fords, the pivot point for the foot control is under the floor boards, on the MTD it is above, which makes putting a pedal on it more awkward, as it would swing so much more, if you get my drift.
Did a motor swap on an old tiller and fabricated up some brackets to attach it to the three point. Works great.
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