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Just Picked Up A 18 Hp Briggs Need Help

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Hey everyone, im new to the tractor world, i just love tractors b/c farming is something my forefathers have done for centures. Although i live in the city and have no grass i picked up a 1950's toro 500 for 150 bucks. It had a 5 hp briggs which was good but not super fast. i took off the mower deck, trying to get bigger tires (the last guy has some very small not even original height ones) and maybe make it taller and stronger. Firstly i picked up a vtwin 18 hp briggs. I hooked it all up (minus not figuring out where to buy wire to connect battery to starter, but it seems really slow similar to the 5 hp. what have i done wrong? its a 3 speed toro. also what kind of 12v battery should i be using or dos it not matter as long as its 12v? is a 18 hp briggs vtwin. Keep in mind i know nothing about tractors! thanks in advance.
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Keep in mind that small engines are governed RPM-wise so as long as a given engine has enough power to drive the thing, ground speed will remain close to the same. What about the pully diameter of each engine? A larger pully will result in a higher ground speed as it will be spinning the trans faster (assuming this model is pully driven).

You actually found the most probable reason; Larger rear tires will make it faster.
Someone on one of these list, maybe this one, fixed a ridding mower so he says it will run 30 mph. Might do a search and ask him.

Walt Conner
thanks for the replies guys.. bump anyone else hav any ideas?
Your gearing is this same as before, so the relative speed is too. I'm not familiar with this model of mower, but you will need to re-gear it to increase your speed (whether it be by changing pulley ratios or sprocket ratios).
if you want to go faster put a bigger pully on the front and a smaller on the back, what i have done was put a 12 to 14 inch n the front and a 5or6 inch on the back. the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the higher gear ratio you go the more stress you will put on the drive train.
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