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Bought a new house on 4.5 hilly acres (partially wooded) last fall and am going to need a new lawn & garden tractor before the spring mowing season starts. Internet search led me to this site and I signed up with the hopes of getting some knowledgable help deciding which brand & model might best meet my needs.

I'll be mowing about 1.75 acres.

Looking at Kubota & JD brands...dealers for both brands are reasonably close.

More specific questions to follow.

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Welcome to MTF
Hello Felix, and :Welcome1: from western WI! :howdy:

Opted for the BX1860. Should be delivered by the end of next week. Hope I didn't make a mistake by not moving up to the 23 or 26 but I tried out the 1860 demo on my lawn and it seemed just perfect. Plenty of power and traction on my rolling hill lawn and the quality of cut was just fine.

Now if anyone has a lime & fertilizer spreader suggestion for that sub-compact 3PH, I'm all ears. Think I'd prefer an electrically driven one but I suppose a PTO driven one would work too.
welcome what part of carolina are u in i.m in tarboro east of raliegh
welcome what part of carolina are u in i.m in tarboro east of raliegh
Surry County
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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