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Just Joined after lurking for a while

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Even just lurking you folks have been a wealth of knowledge

Bought a 68 case 580CK about 8 months ago. Got it for $4500 delivered, but no back hoe. It has a blade on the back made by a company called Rino from Dallas, Texas, and it is beefy.

Seems to have lived the construction equipment lifestyle, a few welds here and there and lackluster maintenance, but otherwise solid. Most of the drain plugs look like the mechanics only tool was a pair of channel locks, and the power steering fluid looked like used motor oil and the filter was disintegrating.

Have a couple of questions:

What is this "rust" you guys talk about, asked some people here in Arizona about it and they just shook there heads and said it is popular in other parts of the country.

Also what about those little phone booths on you tractors? Do you use them for privacy? Is it a Dr. Who thing? If the sun is too strong I just put on a hat.

Just having a little fun with you guys, you just don't see those things out here. Rubber rot and not being able to touch your tractor in the summer we do get a lot of.

Do have a couple of request though.

Looking for a factory oil cup for the air cleaner, trying for factory first then quality metal aftermarket.

Also if anyone has a left floorboard/ battery cover they don't need I am probably interested, or if someone has good pics of one and the measurements for the board and mount that would be great.

I have become aware that my tractor is too old for full part support from case and too new for the aftermarket to spool up for it. Also being construction as opposed to Ag doesn't help.

Thanks for reading hope you have a good one.
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:MTF_wel2: Glad to have you. Already forwarded the info about your being a Guest, a snapfu with the Software and should be taken care of soon.

Enjoy your time here!:fing32:
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