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Just got a SR170

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My neighbors father in law gave me his older (early to mid 90's i think) RER Snapper.

Frame is bent, no deck, but it does have a small blade on it. :trink40:

16 hp twin Vanguard is supposed to be good.

It has sat in his shed for a few years, since the snow plowing incident that bent the frame.

So, is it worth messing with or better to just part it out?


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The motor runs strong, the electrical is chopped up, so gotta sort that out too.

Looks like i need to cut the welds holding the front end on (the ones that aren't already broken) and beat everything back in to shape the add some strength to it.
I think i am probably better off using the motor to repower a craftsmanII and rework the blade to work on the same mower.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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