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Hello, i just picked up an 816 for $400 near New York, not sure if that was a good price as i'm not familiar with these tractors as i'm from Scotland and have not seen this model there. I am familier with Allis though from my time on the farms in Saskatchewn. So i'm very pleased with my buy and the condition of this machine for it's age. 1984 i think.
I have it running well but have taken the deck of to replace blades and belt.I do not have any operators info on the machine so
i was hoping someone could tell me about the variable speed control..does it only work when you are cutting? As it does not work at the moment and i would suggest it was seized in some way. Also there is some slippage in second and third gear..would you suggest a new drive belt or is there some way to tighten it up.
Also i may have posted this incorrectly so i apologise in advance as i'm still trying to figure the site out.


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