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Just bought a Bobcat CT225

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I decided to replace my New Holland T1010. I'd been mulling over bumping up my tractor size because the 20hp motor and single ram for the bucket have me envying my neighbor's tractor. I also can't stand the New Holland/Kubota dealer in Denver- on top of being a hour away I don't feel like they do anything to earn my service dollars. The local JD dealer is even worse and I'm at 180 hours and ready to make a change anyway.

Enter the local Bobcat dealer who are 20 minutes away and have done a lot, and I mean a lot to restore my mini-ex 320. They've been fair and respect that I'm not a business writing every repair off. Because of that I decided I wanted a Bobcat. I researched the tractors, rebranded Daedong but everywhere I read still quality, good tractors etc. I decided it would be a good option. Well I was a mere three years too late because they discontinued in 2012. I stopped by the Bobcat dealer anyway and they'll service anything but no help on purchasing a tractor since they're discontinued.

I decided to start searching and immediately found a 2011 unit with 115 hours. It's 11,000 hours away in New York, and I'm kind of eating it on shipping, but I put down $500 today and it should be here by December 10th. I'm stoked. Hope I can sell my little NH soon (but not too soon- there is more snow coming!)


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WOW, that looks like it is brand new, good luck with it. :thThumbsU
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