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Jumpy Ingersoll

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I have a ~10 year old Ingersoll with hydriv transmission, when I slide the drive lever forward to engage the wheels, I always do it slowly. But as I inch it forward it seems to always suddenly buck into motion. What I end up doing is inching the lever forward and waiting 2 second to see if it engages, if not, I edge it ever so slightly more forward and wait 2-3 seconds, then a bit further and wait 2-3 seconds... eventually I find a spot where, after waiting 2-3 seconds the wheels get their power and start rolling without bucking suddenly.

This is a REAL problem as I live on a steep incline and bucking often leads to the front end popping a bit - especially since when you are on an incline if you wait 2-3 seconds between each micro-movement of the lever you start rolling backwards.

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix?

I have another Ingersoll and it doesn't do this at all, its nice and smooth.
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There are 2 key possible issues.

First, there is a little U joint in the linkage which can wear and cause quite a lot of issue with jumpiness. Even a little wear on this joint and it gets real touchy. This is always a possible contributing factor and you should consider replacing this joint.

Yours does sound also like the 2nd issue ... which is air or other contamination trapped in the holding valve section of the TCV. I have yet to personal encounter and service one of these, but I have read enough success stories on the subject to believe the issue.

The holding section can be bled by simply cracking open the end caps and allowing oil to bleed off the holding section. This must be done cold and it will make a mess .. you want the mower deck off both for access and cleanliness after.

If neither the joint or bleeding procedure fix this, then time to consider opening up the valve and hunting out contamination in the holding section.

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