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JRCO Front mount dethatcher

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I bought a 60" JRCO front mount dethatcher. They don't have mounting for a JD, so I got the Kubota kit, and will make my own mounts.

Assembled yesterday, should be on today, will post pics.
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Ok, got it installed. Even though it was made to fit a Kubota it was quite painless.

I had to take the brush guard off to clear the lift handle. Other wise, drilled 2 holes and heated up the handle and bent to fit.

I have the handle painted now, just need grass to dry to try it.


Looks great. slkpk
I bet it works awesome, good job!!!! :trink39:
It will get a linear actuator for lift as soon as I receive it, that way brush guard goes back on
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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