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Johnson loader project

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making progress on the loader- sub-frame centered- side bracing on- pump in place filter pinned up- now I need to dis-assemble and weld everything up- and check for leaks-need to install the half couplings yet too-

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Wow that is looking good, those uprights look like they are factory. Do you have a brace going down to the front end?
That looks like it is coming together, the front bracing looks factory. It will look nice all painted up, are you planning to get Johnson decals for it?
I like how you made the front brace bolt to both of the front end bolts, very smart design. You should start building new loaders for Bolens because that upright and the front brace look identical to mine.
thanks BK- as tough as it was to find a loader- I wonder if there is a market for a "kit"-just all the steel pcs cut and drilled-I think I could do all the frame parts- no bucket- for around 200.00-matbe when I am done with this project- I will tack one up
Maybe you can build one for my 1886 someday.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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