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Johnson loader project

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making progress on the loader- sub-frame centered- side bracing on- pump in place filter pinned up- now I need to dis-assemble and weld everything up- and check for leaks-need to install the half couplings yet too-

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the loader was supposed to be removed from a 1886 -that could be but the pump then had to be mounted onto the tractor frame- yes remade the uprights per your length- I did post 2 more pics but they did not upload? used 1.5 pipe size sch-40 black and flattened the ends-mounted pump on loader frame as in the Johnson manual- will snap a few pics of my bracing- all quarter inch plate-gusetts where needed

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just figured out how to rotate my pictures-here`s one with how I made the front brackets

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thank-you DJ- I know for some reason- sometimes my pictures don`t post- yes- after I get it all mocked up- I will disassemble- weld up everything and check for leaks- put it back on and check operation- that`s when I can take it all apart again and blast it- paint- new hoses-lines and yes new decal set- I need to weld in my half couplings yet and get all the drill shavings out of those uprights
thanks BK- as tough as it was to find a loader- I wonder if there is a market for a "kit"-just all the steel pcs cut and drilled-I think I could do all the frame parts- no bucket- for around 200.00-matbe when I am done with this project- I will tack one up
the gent I got it from just bought the bucket from kwik-way- so that saved me some fab work-I must confess though It`s almost like cheatin`having access to the plasma table-cad- and a shear-I will be sure to make detailed measurements and drawings of parts so I can share the info
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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