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John Deere X590 Review

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I see this review from was never posted. After owning the X590 for almost 2 years I can honestly say it's an outstanding medium duty tractor. The 25.5 HP Efi engine has performed flawlessly, it provides plenty of power for just about any attachment you can get for it, a turn of the key it starts first time every time, no matter how cold or warm or where throttle is set. Engine never bogs down. I have the 47 inch snow blower- and again the X590 handles that big snow blower like child's play. K72 tranny (enough said) Power steering is effortless and makes the X590 a pleasure to drive. High back seat is very comfortable, I highly recommend the arm rests( additional add on) I've been very pleased with performance of HDAPs tires, they give very good traction, but do not rip up the lawn.

2016 John Deere X590 Review
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