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John Deere X465 bad fuel sender

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I have an X465 garden tractor, that I"m trying to repair a faulty fuel gauge on. Turns out the sender is what's bad. Even better, the sender isn't available from Deere and I cant seem to find anybody online that's carrying them anymore either. I took a shot in the dark and stopped at an electric repair shop, where the tech told me he cant fix it because he can't get the exact part needed that's worn out. It appears the small board that gets rubbed on as float goes up and down, is what's actually bad. So what are my options here?? Is there an aftermarket replacement one available that I'm not stumbling across?? Help me out here, would like to have a good working dependable fuel gauge on the X465! Thanks.
If it helps at all, the part # is AM134386
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some dealers. if they are nice enough will tell you of another dealer who may have one collecting dust on their shelve.
If you google "john deere AM134386" There are new fuel senders at many deere dealers for ~$95.00 and used listed on ebay too! Getting one small part to fix something like that is not how today's supply chain works. Not like 30 years ago.
Both certainly good ideas. But both are ideas I've already tried. My dad is actually a parts man for Deere, so hes done a nationwide dealer search and came up empty handed. I also have ordered a sending unit from 2 different online deere parts suppliers, only to be told about an hour later via email or phone call that they don't have, and there aren't any available from Deere. Therefore they refunded me my money and I was back at square one again. It floors me that there aren't any out there, since it's not like it's from a series of tractors that was only around in the stone age. There's alot of X series tractors still being used daily that have this very sending unit so how can Deere just up and stop producing them?? Odd...
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Wow no 3rd parties either, I wonder what the resistance range of the slide board is from full tank to empty position is?
This is only for X4xx's and X595, X585 X575

Not X7's they have smaller range.


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Only 5 or 6 hole mounts, not the 8 hole on the newer sender and a standard resistance range of 33-240 ohms for automotive/trucks/racing. So Deere does not use a standard resistance range.

So as a last resort you can try this:

Found this to shift ohm ranges: Fuel Link Gauge Interface Module $136.00

Now you just need the tank opening, overall length of sender, sender float arm. You may have to drill for new mounting (5 hole instead of 8 hole)

Tank's Inc.
260 Welter Drive
at Hot Rod Lane
Monticello, IA 52310
Phone (877) 596-3842
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What You need to do is find a Kawasaki dealer that is willing to do a little Research

The Problem is once Kawasaki sends the engine to Deere they don't Carry any claim to the engine. But the Part Probably can be Matched Up In the Kawasaki system Bring the Part with you to a Kawasaki dealer. I have had to do that before with Other Parts for Kawasaki engines where the Part was not available thru Deere anymore:thThumbsU
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So now you have two paths to check out!
I looked all over this unit, no brand name, I doubt it was made by Kawasaki.


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There must be Lawn & Garden Tractor salvage yards somewhere.
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