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Visited the local dealer today looking for suggestions to upgrade my current D140. We moved to the country and I under bought not knowing any better, so here I stand with a decision to make. Here's my situation:
1.6 semi hilly acres to cut with some trees. I'd like not to go any bigger than a 48"/50" deck so I can maneuver thru some tight spaces. Grass is pretty thick and wet in areas causing me to slip around quite a bit without case weights on the D140. I won't be using the tractor for snow removal, but plan to use with for a garden later in life. I also plan to move light loads of fire wood / brush / etc with a cart.
I'm looking to buy new to have the warranty and, to be honest, it's my toy and I'll do what I want ;).
The dealer recommended either a John Deere X380 or a Cub Cadet XT3 GS. Budget is between 4-5k.

What do you think? Much appreciated!
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