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John Deere X370 Review

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After a lot of research, I ended up purchasing the X370 in the spring of 2021 (luckily before the big price increases).

I don’t put a lot of hours on the machine as any larger tasks are taken care of by my 1025R and I also bag in the fall and spring with my older Conquest

To date, I have about 15 hours on the machine and it has been great. I debated between the X350, X370, and X390. In the end, I wanted to stay with the smaller 42” deck but wanted the power steering and lift.

-super comfortable to operate. Love the power steering. Seems to transmit less bumps etc. through the steering wheel.
-hydraulic lift is nice
-really smooth riding even with the smaller tires (even smoother than my Conquest with 23” tires)
-Kawasaki engine is super quiet and powerful
-I have the mulch kit lever and it works great.
-upgraded seat over X350 is nice.

Room for improvement:
-wish the lift was a lever like the GX345 etc. instead of a tab-style lever you push or pull on the dash.
-pretty thirsty. I’m guessing because of the smaller tank and larger engine they use now (21.5hp).
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The 370 is a neat machine. PS and Hydraulic lift with a 42" deck for the tight spaces. I really enjoy the 42" deck on my older LA125 for most day to day tasks. That size is so nimble.
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