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John Deere X320 Tire Question

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Got a new X320 and was wondering if anyone has put any aftermarket tire such as like you would find on a x540 or a set of bar tires. I was hoping that they make them cause when i picked it up at Nelson Tractor i seen one of the LA100 series mowers that had a set of bar tires like a bigger tractor. If anybody knows please fill me in. Thanks!
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I'd avoid "Slime" or "Fix-A-Flat,it only ends up making a gooey mess and rusting the rims out in a short time--wont fix bead leaks or dry rot crack slow leaks either..tubes are a better way to fix a leaky tire,and they dont cost much as two cans of the other stuff would have-(and probably not work!)..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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