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John Deere X320 Tire Question

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Got a new X320 and was wondering if anyone has put any aftermarket tire such as like you would find on a x540 or a set of bar tires. I was hoping that they make them cause when i picked it up at Nelson Tractor i seen one of the LA100 series mowers that had a set of bar tires like a bigger tractor. If anybody knows please fill me in. Thanks!
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thanks i found a chevron type with the bars on the carlisletire site.

problem is the original tire is 22x11-10 and the only one i can find close to it is 21x11-10. Would it be ok to go 1" smaller?
hahaha yea i know when i bought my zero turn from them i refused for them to put it on there and i called before i went to buy the X320 and they had already put that dang thing on there before i got there. but i did let them know it was to big. Sad thing is there is one on the other side too!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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