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John Deere X320 Tire Question

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Got a new X320 and was wondering if anyone has put any aftermarket tire such as like you would find on a x540 or a set of bar tires. I was hoping that they make them cause when i picked it up at Nelson Tractor i seen one of the LA100 series mowers that had a set of bar tires like a bigger tractor. If anybody knows please fill me in. Thanks!
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good god that dealer sticker is massive.
thanks i found a chevron type with the bars on the carlisletire site.

problem is the original tire is 22x11-10 and the only one i can find close to it is 21x11-10. Would it be ok to go 1" smaller?
hahaha yea i know when i bought my zero turn from them i refused for them to put it on there and i called before i went to buy the X320 and they had already put that dang thing on there before i got there. but i did let them know it was to big. Sad thing is there is one on the other side too!
I probably would not go to a smaller diameter, as I generally don't want to reduce ground clearance (even though it would only be 1/2").

Maybe there is something in another tread pattern that would be OK. What does JD use on their other models?
I've plugged mine unsuccessfully five or six times. Have two tires, that just insist on having a slow leak, even when plugged.

Anyone know if fix-a-flat works in tractor tires? The tread is ok, but kind of annoying to have to pump the tires up every time.
I'd avoid "Slime" or "Fix-A-Flat,it only ends up making a gooey mess and rusting the rims out in a short time--wont fix bead leaks or dry rot crack slow leaks either..tubes are a better way to fix a leaky tire,and they dont cost much as two cans of the other stuff would have-(and probably not work!)..
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my dealer puts their sticker on the back. since the rear fender of the X500 is too narrow for it, they stuck it UNDER my seat!
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