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John Deere survey ?

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I have read a few threads about some getting a John Deere survey and a free cap. I was curious if anyone has gotten one of these in the last couple of months. I purchased my X300 on May 13th and have received nothing. I had posted earlier about my bad experience with my dealer and delivery. After 30 days and hearing nothing from my dealer or John Deere I emailed the store manager about all the issues I had with the purchase and delivery. I explained in detail everything that I felt was was not done correctly and how I was disappointed in their service. I was courteous and tried to give constructive critisism to improve their service. I ask for a reply with comments or questions. I thought a manager might want to know about subpar service and being an unsatisfied customer. Apparantly not. I know if I was the store manager I would have wanted to know these things and correct them. That was over two weeks ago and I have heard nothing back. Not a word. And they are a Gold Star dealer? Hmmm!
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I bought a x360 last summer and a gator this May. I did not recieve a survey from either. I had a very good experience with the dealer and they sent me a letter that I would be recieving a survey. Havent saw one yet.
my dealer told me i would get a survey, never did that i remember. but he gave me a hat the day i was there and then a few weeks later another came in the mail.
If I recall correctly, the survey came a couple of months after the purchase. I was surprised by lag time. When you buy a new car, it seems the car manufacturer's marketing department is on you instantly.
I got my survey about 6 months after the purchase. slkpk
Hello....I must be very lucky or the dealer is very good, because I purchased my X300 last Saturday, and to my surprise, there was a FREE hat in my mailbox yesterday. The dealer hasn't mentioned any survey yet, but maybe he will. Heck...I paid for the X300 last week, but won't even have it delivered until this Tuesday or Wednesday, and got the FREE hat.

WOW...I guess I just got lucky.
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On all my tractors it was about 4 to 6 months, received the hat 6 months ++
Thanks for the replies. Maybe my hat will be in time for Christmas then, LOL. :)
I got my X320 in May so far no survey no free hat.Back in 2003 when I bought the LX277 it was about 6 months before the hat arived and a thank you card with a picture of some of the factory workers.The hat was never used because of the style.Looked like it belonged on a little kid.My dealer gives out a better hat then is mailed out.I alway have a John Deere hat on except during the summer.Its my trade mark but I buy most of them they do not give away the nice ones.
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I got a hat a few weeks after completing the survey. I thought it was a nice hat. It's this one, except that it also has "Owners Edition" embroidered on the edge of the bill:
I got a survey the other day but I haven't looked to see if it's for the X720 or the
448 round baler.
Hmm. I just was belssed with a LA175 to give my old 74 WheelHorse C120 a rest.. Got two very, very nice hats for doing it. I would have LOVED an X series but ($$$) I am very impressed with the 175 vs any other machines designed for similar applications. Dealer was awesome, came out three times due to a mistake on the setup ... the same day! I would love to do a survey so will check into it.
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When I purchased my Deere, the salesman took a JD hat off the shelf and two JD key rings and handed them to me :).
I know a guy who bought a John Deere combine and got a free GT235 a few years back.
I purchased my tractor last December and did not get a survey, or a hat. They did give me a Calendar though. :trink40:
i bought my la135 in feb got my survey in march but now i still havent got my free hat yet.
This is for all you guys/gals that haven't received your owners edition hat.:)

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I got a hat no wait 3 hats 1 owners edition and 2 dealer special hats, a Deere digital indoor / outdoor thermometer and a jacket. Of course we bought an X500 a Gator TH 6x4 and a 2320 over the last 2 years. Have never seen or heard of a survey though.
I bought a LA 165 on April 28, 2009 and received neither a hat or survey.
You can online to and fill out the questiionair and they will send hat. You do have to have a customer number to fill in which usually comes to you from JD. :thThumbsU
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