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Let me tell you my dilemma I got the John Deere STX 38 from a guy for $90.00 as is it was missing more parts than I thought a lot of deck parts lift lever , starter and almost all electrical switches were gone.
The wiring harness looks to be intact no cut off plugs or broken wires.
I already replaced the shift quadrent,starter switch , most of the deck parts have been replaced thanks to ebay
I checked out the engine and tranny and both checked out to work fine
However when my attention turned to electrical I ran into a big problem, Since the switches were missing I do not know which wire:eg Connectors go onto which switch. I also noticed when shopping on ebay there were 2 types of switches used for the pto clutch . Mine (the one I got to replace the one that was missing) is a pull on push off with 5 connectors on it.
I also need to know what type of starter to use , From what I read about on MTF I'm pretty sure mine uses the solenoid-shift starter type.
But again like the starter switch , with the starter missing I don't know what wires go where. Any help would be greatly appreciated :thanku:

After all that I'll have to address the starter relay issue you guys on this forum are making quite a few threads about.:praying:

Hope this helps you see what I'm up against

I am wishing I would have gotten a JD 111 but now that I have put $ into the STX38 I will stay the coarse and finish it:fing02:

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I can tell you this, there is a large cable that runs from the battery to the solenoid that is on the starter, providing this is the type you have. There is a small wire, either with a female spade connection or an eye connector, that goes to the small spade/screw post on the solenoid.

If you have a double connector, that should go to the electric clutch, matches up to the connector on the end of the wires coming from the clutch. This wire feeds up thru the bottom of the tractor, pretty much underneath the starter, and connects to the double connector coming out of your harness.

On the left side of the engine, as you are sitting on the seat, there is a wire that is white, if I remember, that is the kill wire that runs up to the switch. There is also a couple wires that go to a rectifier on the engine for charging the battery.

More info as others check in, I'd imagine.

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Go to the mother ship. Here is the John Deere online parts site with exploded views that may help with getting what to where:

Click on the yellow Parts Catalog link and type in STX38. Then based on your deck color (yellow or black) and serial number click the plus next to the correct one, then the plus next to Sectional Index. Choose Electrical and you can browse through the diagrams of the guts of your mower.

You can also order parts here (need to register but it's free) via your John Deere dealer or use the part numbers to find the parts at The Green Parts store (sponsor here) or other sites like Green Farm Toys.

The STX38 should be a good mower for you once you get it all up and running, and you'll know it inside and out. :)
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