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John Deere spreader/aerator

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Found this on CL


I've been considering a drop spreader as opposed to my broadcast spreader although I'm not really sure I want to spend $250 on one. Has anyone used this particular spreader? Thoughts/opinions?

I was actually thinking of a push type spreader for several reasons, one being cost, since it only gets used once or twice a year, but I saw ths and thought I would see what the experts think.

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Own it. Does ok. The AgriFab drop spreader does a better job.
Own it. Does ok. The AgriFab drop spreader does a better job.
Do you have to have the tines in the ground or can you use it just as a spreader?
I am curious on this one too. Does anyone know how well this (or a different brand) would sow fescue grass seed?
Snowplow...............I had one like that sold it............I use a push spreader, I can tell better with it where I have been and can get into tighter spots then with just a drop spreader.

Also using that for Aerating is a joke. You have to put a ton of weight on it to even get a slice in your yard or waiting for it to rain so much to soften up your yard.

Look for a plug aerator, with a little weight on one of those does so much more a better job.

Good luck in your search.
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Yes, tines must be in ground.

Works for fine material such as seed. Does not work well for coarse material like some fertilizers.

Local rental center had the AgriFab before someone broke it. I liked using it because it could handle a variety of sized materials.

Spiked aeration is not as good for the lawn as plug.
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For $35 rent a 48" plug aerator for 4 hrs, they have thicker spoons, do a better job pulling out cores, and you don't have to fork out huge amounts of money if something breaks. Get the neighbors on board ($10 each) rent it for the day at $50 have it pay for yours and maybe put a little coin in your pocket if you can do it fast enough, at least it works that way for me. I've used those spike type and as Jimbochap posted they have a place just not behind my machine or in my yard.
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Well, reading the responses makes for an easy decision. After thinking about it, my yard really isn't big enough for a tow behind spreader. I have areas that a drop spreader will work better and everywhere else my broadcast spreader will most likely be the ticket. I'll have to keep my eyes open for a good drop spreader. I can pick one of those up for a fraction of the cost of a tow behind, plus it'll be much easier to store.
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A drop spreader is better than a broadcast spreader for tight areas. It keeps materials off driveways, sidewalks, and places you don't want it (ponds).

I had no complaints with my JD unit until this year. I tried to put down some 10-10-10 with it and it was a disaster. I got the fertilizer from TSC and it was coarse. Didn't drop worth squat. Finally got it done but it was a PitA.

Really liked the AgriFab drop spreader I used to rent. Need to buy one.
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