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John Deere rear-end lube

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Friend of mine just picked up a 214 w/straight shift trans.and hasn't a clue about fluild for rear-end.BTW,neither do I,would it take a dope or oil,and what weight would he need?thax
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yea, yea..... smarta$$ remark on my part I know... but for something like this, a phone call is actually much faster... it's not a complicated issue that requires debate or deliberation.... the problem is simple... and so is the sollution

cheers right back at 'ya!
Oh wait,you want complicated;what's the square root of 1980 times the number of rocks in your garden divided by three times six.:biglaugh: :biglaugh: ----thax for my covering my back Stash
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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