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John Deere quit, won't restart

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My wife was mowing with our John Deere 425 tractor and she mowed about a half hour when the mower quit running. She tried to re-start it and..nothing. I went out to make sure she didn't leave the PTO switch on and she didn't. I tried to restart it and it wouldn't do anything, not even click. I tried the lights and they worked fine so don't think the battery is dead. Where should I start checking? I'll make sure the (new) battery is up and has good connections but since the lights work I guess it's something else. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Sounds like the seat safety switch might have gone out. Check the ground too.
I think I may have stumbled onto the problem. I was looking at a block diagram of the wiring harness and came upon a block with a couple of fuses on it. One of them was marked "Power Fuse" so I went out to check it. When I pulled the fuse out it came apart in my hands. I then took a screwdriver and shorted across the terminals and it started! I'll buy a new fuse in the morning and see if that's all that I need. Thanks
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