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John Deere naming convention

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Hello all,

As a total newbie ("Noob" as my son calls me) I know very little about tractors in general. I'm looking for attachments for my 1967 John Deere 110 tractor and don't know interchangeability limits. For example do the 110 and 140 share attachments, but a 300 series would not? Do these series numbers mean anything? What are the major cut off generations?

I’m picking up the rest of the attachments this week from the previous owner. She’s not certain what all that entails, but I do know there's a trailer, a rake, and a tiller. I hope there’s a snow blade/thrower in there somewhere. If not, I may be looking to trade one of my current attachments for one. Thanks!
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The 110, shares with the 112 and most of the older 200 series (200, 208, 210, 212, 214, 216). I can't think of much that would interchange with the 120, 140 or 300 series.
Ohhh A trailer.. I bet its a ole 8 trailer if it is your a lucky dog a second time around.. Nice machine you got there..
Thanks guys. Yes I am a lucky dog. When we moved into our house all my neighbours said she was crazy, and a problem person to be avoided. I just treated her like I want to be treated and she's been so great! Her Mom said the tractor was her (now deceased husband's) pride and joy so they were happy to see it go to someone who will appreciate it. Once I get the dump cart I’m going to load the kids in it and zoom over for a photo op!

I found a Polaris snow plow used for $250. I might be able to weld an adapter together. I prefer to go OEM however. I don’t trust my own welding abilities all that much!
I sure would like to see more pics of it and of the attachments. slkpk
Will do. I just wish I would have taken some shots of the old girl as she sat in my neighbour's shed. She cleaned up nice with just a shot of simple green and a rinse with my pressure washer. I did install some lights since my last photos so I'll take some new shots and post.:trink39:
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