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What: MTF Get Together John Deere Pavillion
Where: Quad Citys
When: March 30, 2019
Contact: MTF Moderator: See Brad for the details, hurry for the date to finalizing is approaching fast!!

Also while you there check out -

What: Mecum Spring Classic Tractor & Equipment Auction
Where: Davenport, Iowa
When: March 28 - 30 of 2019

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Hi all! Just so there is no confusion, the MTF get together is not being held at the John Deere Pavillion on March 30th. The Meet and Greet is actually being held at Antonella's in downtown Davenport on that day from 1 to 4 and Brad was trying to show that there are other things to do that weekend in this area as well if someone wanted to make a weekend of it. Here is a link to the Meet and Greet. Bill
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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