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John Deere Mechanical Thumb Worth $1000?

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My 4720 cab tractor with 400CX FEL, 485 backhoe and 673 tiller will be delivered around Thanksgiving. I want a thumb on the BH however the $1000 the dealer wants (installed) seems high compared to after-market brands like Bro-Tek.

Is the JD thumb really worth $1000?

Thumb recommendations?
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I would look at it this way.. If your only saving a couple hundy on the thumb i would buy the JD.. Why you ask... Well.. Warranty.. Plain and simple. They install it and supply it.. If something happens your butt is covered.. I would hate to bend or damage that shiny new hoe and all for saving a couple hundy.. Heck when i read 1000 bucks i figured thats not a bad price..
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