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John Deere LX280 tuneup parts

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I traded my LX280 for a X748SE. I have 2 airfilter elements and the foam prefilters, 4 NGK BPMR6A spark plugs,and a fuel filter AM116304. The kit number is LG195. No oil filters. It had a Kawasaki 18. If you can use them all send me your name address and I will mail them to you. I have too much stuff I dont use.


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I just saw this thread/offer as I purchased a used LX280 with 37 hours on it this past weekend. I sent a private message with address and contact information if it is still available?

Enclosed is pictures of it in addition to the previous LT155 (with my kids on it)




I received the package today. Just wanted to say to those who read the forums you cannot find a nicer guy and what a gesture! :thanku:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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