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Little over 3 years ago I surprised my husband with a new tractor … John Deere LX279 - Kawasaki 17HP with flow bagger attachment. To be even nicer I started mowing the yard too. Well over the past three years I have bagged it every single time. Needless to say our yard is now a mess but that is totally a different story. :dunno:

Here is the thing we are thinking of putting my John Deere LX279 on Craigslist & then get a new mower. Because now we know that instead of bagging we really just need to mulch. Also the mower has a coolant leak somewhere that is starting to get bad. Last summer every time I went to mow I had to almost completely fill up the coolant. There is never a spot in the shed & my husband has cleaned it off looking to a leak & not able to see anything.

Does anyone know how hard it is to take off & put back on the bagger? Any idea if there is a mulch kit we can add to the tractor? Any suggestions on the coolant leak?

Also anyone have advice on what direction or brand to look at for a new tractor if we go that way?

Advice would be great … it seems like as soon as our weather gets nice at all my husband ends up working 60+ hours & has not had a chance to look into anything for me. As you can guess I am lost!

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