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My 2007 John Deere La 110

Single Cylinder with Engine Model . . . . . Briggs & Stratton 31 /19.5 hp.

It appears to be leaking oil up around the front of the mower where the valve Cover say OHV.

It's leaking on the right side (so if you were sitting on it...that right) Down by the park plug area and I know these engines have an issue with the Valves needing to be adjusted something like every 200 hrs otherwise the starter won't start due to to much pressure.

But I am at a loss as to why it's leaking oil.

It seems to run fine. But I can smell a bit of oil as I cut from time to time and that's prob because it's getting on the hot exhaust area.

Does anyone know if this is a common/ easily fixable problem with these.

I included a picture of the engine i have (not mine but off of brads new and used engines )

This is my engine :

Does anyone know what's causing it & if it's a major fix?

I'm not losing a lot of oil. But enough that every couple times i cut... I want to check it to make sure it doesn't drop to the add mark or lower. Slow leak.


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Blown head gasket. Those engines are known for it

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Head gasket fix is super easy. I just did it on my '08 LA 125 and was much easier than I expected. I watched the YouTube videos showing how to do it.

Get the rocker cover gasket and replace that too while you have the cover off already. Mine just had rtv goop on it. Scraped it off then replaced with paper type gasket along with new head gasket.

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While the head gasket may be leaking, your pics and description sound like a leaking rocker cover gasket, which is cheap and a piece-of-cake to replace. I like to do the simple stuff first, and if that doesn't work, go for the involved fix. Not that a head gasket is a difficult job, just harder than popping a valve cover.

Get a new gasket for the rocker cover from your dealer, pop the four screws on the cover, clean up the mating surface, and replace the gaskets and bolts. Torque them down and you're go to go. For grins, check the valve clearance while the cover is off.

If it still leaks, then do the head gasket repair, but be aware, it may be the engine gasket. If the oil is low down and not moving above the split, it may be that gasket instead. If your one lunger case is like my twin, you can go here for a sample of what is involved:


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If it isn't smoking lke a mosquite fogger and oiling plug pretty isn't a blown head gasket...At least not yet.

They usually do not blow head gaskets until 220 -300 hours.

YOurs sounds like leaking valve cover.
The used to use a gasket on them but most of the newer ones since maybe 09-11 or so come from factory with rtv sealer on them.

First try to tighten the 4 3/8" bolts some....If no change take the vavle cover off and reseal with rtv....or get a gasket or an older one...most all fit.
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