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John Deere L120 Turning Radius

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Picked up a used L120 and have a problem with the turning on it. Mechanically, it appears fine. You turn the steering wheel, the front wheels turn in the direction you want, BUT you continue moving forward only gradually turning in the direction you want. The turf tyres still have a well defined tread pattern and are inflated to sidewall spec. They just seem to float over the ground. On an asphalt paved surface they do grip a bit better but still appear to float. This is all at slow forward speed roughly one third to one half max forward speed and level ground.
Thinking of getting some ag style ATV tyres for the front or would some type of front weights perform better? Any opinions to solve the problem would be appreciated.
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First thing I'd suggest is measuring the turning radius to see if it's near spec. I believe it should be around 18" measured at the mower deck, so that means it would leave an uncut circle approximately 3 feet in diameter.

Sidewall spec for inflation might be too high. Typically the fronts are around 12-14 psi on the 100-series.
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