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John Deere L120 Turning Radius

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Picked up a used L120 and have a problem with the turning on it. Mechanically, it appears fine. You turn the steering wheel, the front wheels turn in the direction you want, BUT you continue moving forward only gradually turning in the direction you want. The turf tyres still have a well defined tread pattern and are inflated to sidewall spec. They just seem to float over the ground. On an asphalt paved surface they do grip a bit better but still appear to float. This is all at slow forward speed roughly one third to one half max forward speed and level ground.
Thinking of getting some ag style ATV tyres for the front or would some type of front weights perform better? Any opinions to solve the problem would be appreciated.
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Flaken, I think Tundra may have the answer: locked rear end.

Your tractor weighs approx. 530 pounds. That weight s roughly distributed between the front & rear wheels. Now, add your 280 pounds, pretty much over the rear wheels. This is rough numbers, but you've 1/2 your tractor weight, 275#, plus your 280#, or 550# on your rear wheels trying to drive you straight forward...rear end locked and equal power to both wheels. So 550# driving forward with two 9.5" tires tires and 275# (1/2 tractor weight) on two 6.5" tires, guess what's going to're gonna go straight, or straightish!

As Tundra said, jack up the rear of the tractor and turn one wheel. If the opposite wheel turns in the same direction, your rear is locked...and putting all power to BOTH rear wheels. If the opposite wheel turns in the opposite direction, your rear is OK. Jack it up, check, and report back. Bob
Well, that proves one idea, your rear is NOT locked. My only other suggestion is to add weight to the front to increase traction on the front wheels. Bob
Tundra, Another excellent point!

Too much toe in or out may confuse things...the tractor won't know which way to go.

Flaken, Put a tape measure on the inside front of your front rim, close to the center of your axle, and extend tape to opposite wheel. LOCK tape measure. Move tape measure to rear of front rims and see if end of tape hits or misses opposite rim. If tape hits, wheels are toed out. If tape misses, wheels are toed in. If tape misses, "eye ball" by how much...this is the amount of toe in. I don't know the exact spec, but worst case is probably 3/16". Adjust tie rod to 1/8"...unless you have actual spec. Bob
Not familiar with the L120, just assumed they were adjustable. Bob
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