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John Deere Front Thatcher, What does it fit?

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Got this thatcher, I have never used it, was told it fit a 318, everything looks really good, cylinder dont look to be hardly used either. Can anyone tell me that it fits a 318 for sure, and what a fair price would be to ask for it? It has laid here for a year, might as well let someone else use it. Thanks


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I'll give you $50! :praying:

OK, so it's probably worth more than that. Is there a serial number tag on it anywhere?
I did not find one. I wish there was one, it would make it alot easier:dunno:
I can tell you I had one on a 318 and the mount looks different. There are several guys on WFM who added a cylinder like yours has to make it a hyraulic lift. You've got both extensions and it appears to be in good shape. If you were close I'd give you $125ish for it.
I agree - if you were closer I'd give you $125 for it as well... I am looking for one just like that to use next spring.
Your front thatcher appears to be exactly like my current production unit. It can fit almost any current or former production tractor. The potential buyer would have to purchase or build a mount to fit their tractor. Your best bet would be to sell the mount system and thatcher separately. Someone who perhaps already owns a thatcher may be having problems finding the mount that you already have. A person who would want your thatcher may want to use it on another tractor that your mount won't fit.

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Are the different mounts available from John Deere?
Hey, I'm in Rochester and would be interested if I knew it would fit on my x729 with quick hitch...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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