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John Deere D110, any issues?

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I'm looking at a John Deere D110 for my daughter and her husband. They have a small yard but it's more of a time saver for them over push mowing. It has 196 hours on it and looks like it just rolled out of the store. What I need to know before I pursue this is, are there any issues to watch out for on this particular model? He's a smart guy but he's not a mechanic nor does he have time to mess with fixing stuff all the time so I want to make sure they have something reliable. I know it will handle their place with ease so, can anyone enlighten me? I've never gotten to the point of owning a John Deere so I'm really at a loss here. Thanks.
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See if you can test mow a section of grass or crawl under the deck and see if the blade tips line up to each other. The deck is so thin that if the previous owner struck anything while cutting grass, you would be able to tell right away. Neighbor across the street has a D110 and sure enough, he scalped a tree root. Next thing you know, he had the undesirable striping in his yard. Blades never bent, but the deck did. Had to reinforce his deck at the spindles with 1/4” thick metal rings to beef it up enough to keep it cutting even again. Other than that, his tractor seems to run good.
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