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John Deere Aerator 3pt. Conversion

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I finally got busy and modified my JD 40" plug aerator. I converted it to 3pt. hitch while at the same time still left if so that the original tow arms can be attached. I did not weld and used galvanized angle and box tubing that was readily available to me. I tested it tonight and it worked excellent without weights in the tray. I was able to get 3 inch plugs with the Bolen's down pressure. I also took the design from a turfvent aerator that I found online. Pretty simple conversion actually. Enjoy the pictures.

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Awesome.... just one question... what happens when you turn the wheel somewhat sharp?.... does the aerator push the tractor straight, or do you tear up the grass at all?.... i've been thinking of doing the same thing, but with the left-right pivot point gone (when using 3PH) I can see the aerator doing a lot of tearing of the sod in tight turns..... could you try it out if you can, and let us all know if it's an issue / how it works out?.....

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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