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John Deere 68

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Riding by this resale shop today and out front was a JD 68 rear engine rider. Cute little thing, couldn't pass it up, so for $150 we rolled it up into my pickup. She runs and cuts good. It has a 8hp Briggs. Wondering what year it is. # on back plate is:
A684D 033700M.
Did some searching and that # on right seems small if its a serial # so it must be an early model...1975???
Would like to get a manual for it but want to be sure to get right one.
Any help or comments on this model appreciated.
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I too am looking for a early RER. Do you have any pics yet ???
No pics yet. Gotta figure out how to do the pic thing. I have 3 Craftsman, 1 Murray and now the Deere. That little Green Machine looks good setting among those big boys.
The 65, 66 and 68 were mid-70's RER's. Check the JD parts site for info. Type in 68 for the model's under 65, 66, 68 riders.
Thanks Rattosh51. I'll check it out. This little 68 is like a toy. I got a few acres here and enjoy just riding it around through the woods. It cuts excellent too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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