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John Deere 68 Lawn Tractor

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Happy Friday folks,
I have a John Deere 68 lawn tractor (model A684G) who had destroyed its differential. The teeth are worn off the 4 gears inside the differential. The John Deere parts dealer in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area tells me that the parts are no longer available. I am hoping someone has a better answer. I put a new engine in the little lawn tractor a few years ago and it is great little lawn tractor that mows really well and has a really small turn radius. I would hate to have to send it to the metal recycler.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I am beginning to think my little old lawn tractor is nearing the end of its life. I found 2 diffs on eBay but they both fit splined axles and my axle has no splines, just flat spots on opposite side of the axle. I did find an entire axle and diff assembly on eBay for $250 but I need to think about what the condition of the used diff might be.
You want pictures of the diff gears with rounded off teeth? If so, I can do that tomorrow. It isn't pretty, but whatever puts the wind up your kilt.
I have a complete axle and differential from a RER out in the garage. I'll get a picture and some measurements later tonight or tomorrow. Busy day and heading out the door shortly. If it'll work you can have it for shipping.
Bosox, that would be awesome, let me know the measurements and we will see if it fits.
I have no idea what it came out of. I grabbed it for a project that I had in mind at the time, it never came to pass. It's 25"-26"s wide and the axle shafts are 1" diameter. The wheels are through bolted through the hub and axle stubs.

What diameter axle shafts does the 68 have? Maybe you can reuse your axle shafts and just replace the differential? :dunno:

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Bosox, thanks for the assist but that isn't going to fit or work. I really appreciate the offer though.
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