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John Deere 445 Loader??

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What is the correct jd loader for the 445? I've seen a 40 44 and 45. Will all of these work? Thanks for any help on.
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What is the correct jd loader for the 445? I've seen a 40 44 and 45. Will all of these work? Thanks for any help on.
I am no expert on this, so hopefully others will chime in, but...

I believe it is the 40 FEL for your tractor.

The 45 FEL is for the X700 series (and predecessor X4x5, X5x5)

The 44 FEL I believe is bundled with a pto-driven hydraulic pump, for tractors that don't have the onboard hydraulic requirements.

There may be some cross-compatibility among these, too. But I think you should focus on the 40 FEL.
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I had my 40 loader on my 425, now it is on my 455. It also fits the 445.
I bought a new 425 and put a new 40 Loader on it, and then bought a used 445 and put a new 40 loader on it...great working machines, cant say a bad word about them.
The 44 is for the older 400 series and only the 420 and 430 at that. The 400 took a 20 loader. The 44 and the 20 have their own hydraulic pump because the hydraulics on the older tractors can't run the loader and do all the other stuff required of the on board hydraulic system very well. Some folks in a pinch have run their loader off their on-board hydraulics but they were mostly disappointed at how slow everything was when providing feedback on their experience.

I have only seen the 45 loader on the X4xx, X5xx and X7xxx series of tractors. You might be able to get it to work on a 445 but I am not sure. When folks run a loader that wasn't meant for their tractor most folks have to modify the loader frame to get it to work. If you go to Weekend Freedom Machines and do a search in their attachment threads you will see a fair number of folks who have modified their loader/tractor to fit when they had a mis-match between the tractor and the loader. I admire their work but do not have the fab skills required for that kind of work yet.
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Thanks for the info guys, it is greatly appreciated. I will stick to finding a 40 loader.
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