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john deere 425 without engine

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title pretty much says it all. what would you pay?
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I'm looking for a 425,445 or 455 with no or bad engine for a project if you get it at a halfway reasonable price.
I have a 445 that I repowered with a Kohler single cylinder 16HP that I had on hand,stripped all the original electrical sold that and the Kaw engine parts,put on a new set of ATV 26-12-12 Mud Hog tires sold the originals,added a Kwik Way loader off a Craftsman FF with its own pump so I can still operate the 3pt hitch independently.Total I now have in the tractor with 3pt and the loader is a little over $1500.
What I want to do now is stretch the frame out and repower with a Isuzu diesel I bought it'll be simple this time for me as I done the 'engineering'.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts