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john deere 425 without engine

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title pretty much says it all. what would you pay?
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agreed! (hello fellow ohioan) need more info i just got done working on one of these the other day the guy had to take a 2nd mortgage to fix the stupid thing nice rig had 3 point,loader and hydraulic setup. no motor will drop it extremely locating one is a task at least here in ( southeast ohio) parts to rebuild are pricey if it has no attachments,hydraulic setup or 3 point id agree at $200to $600. if you have a motor lined up that price is fair as a starting point(why is there no motor) if not its an expensive paperweight and could take time to locate a motor. i dont own any john deeres but the one i just got done repairing was in fair shape probably $900 to $1000 machine and he just spent quite a bit on parts to repair the motor and that was with me really cutting him a deal and i got a fealing hes going to sell it as well :dunno: keep us posted some pics and more background will give a better estimate.
sad thing is i know where one is sitting (boneyard) and i can never seem to reach the guy he has about 130 different mowers all out around his front and backyard i cant take pictures becasue its a private residence and hes older but he has alot of nice machines rotting away if i happen to ever get ahold of him i will try to get his permission and phone number. i think hes reaching that age and doesnt have alot of time and theres rumors that people have dropped machines to not get them back till 6 months later. i will do my best to reach him.
jake where are you located since you seem to be close be nice to meet another member anywho i did finally reach the guy he is a pretty cool dude seems to be alot like me and takes on to much work i did see some of his inventory up close. the guy has at least 300+ chainsaws and somwhere on the range of 100 to 130 mowers. its sorta messy(id line em up and make it nicer)but he did go on to tell me not all of them are his some are customers. the 345 is trash motor is junk and he has this (thing)about selling whole tractors but im going to try to curb him from that he has from top of my head a few suburbans, older cubs,bolens and snapper gts, mtd cubs and other mtd mowers of course craftsman gts seen a sears 10xl i could go on but from what ive gathered alot of good transmissions and (some good motors) hes alot like me keeps to himself so im not going to show pics of his place i do have his contact info.
he actually has a lot of both parts and whole tractors i think the issue with selling a whole tractor is someone coming back giving him grief but as i had told him most people will know what there buying before they purchase and it would also help with not having to make a huge scrap run. organization i think has become an issue its almost borderline hoarder. with what he has around (that he knows of) he could make a very good profit from. to me if i was offered a good price for a whole unit or even know its going to a home to be preserved id let it go. Jake i will pm you his contact info as soon as i can im still beating myself for not picking up that free jacobson that was posted here for free in Cincinnati.
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