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john deere 425 without engine

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title pretty much says it all. what would you pay?
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Soooo many questions..

Too many to really give a price to you:

Does it come with any attachments or 3 point hitch??
How are the tires?
Does it even have tires?
Is it AWS?
How many hours on the thing??
What overall shape is the body panels in??
Is there evidence of hydraulic oil leakage?
Is there a seat?

Hard to evaluate on the tiidbit of information conveyed in your post.. Please reply and more accurate $$$ advice can be offered.. Anywhere from $200-$600? More with attachments..:dunno:
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I'm looking for a 425,445 or 455 with no or bad engine for a project if you get it at a halfway reasonable price.
You will have a heck of a machine when you are done but without an engine you will easily dump ~$2K to get it operational.. :dunno:

Engine ~$1K (or more)
Electronic parts on it ~$600-$700 (Module, coils, pulsers, Delay timer, Starter)

You see, it adds up quick! :banghead3

Been there- done that:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts