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john deere 425 quick hitch hose routing

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I just got a used quick hitch with angling that does not have the colored dust caps. Where do I put the hoses, which ports. Does anyone have a picture or something so u can get them hooked up right.
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Or you could just try all combinations, there are only 24 of them. I think that is what the dealer did on mine. They spent about an hour on it and still got it wrong. In fairness, the hitch was from a 1 or 2 series and had the wrong color caps. I doubt they actually tried all 24 combinations, but they definitely tried some that obviously wouldn't work.

You want the lift/up/down to be on the lower control and angle/left/right to be on the upper one (that doesn't have the float function). They got the hoses on the right valves, but didn't get one or both sets on the right connection of the right valve.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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